Rockabilly Riders

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Rockabilly Riders

Rockabilly Riders is a small (but growing) club of family oriented bike riders that believes in old school values, mateship, respect and enjoying good times with friends. family and other riders. Together we share a love of motorcycles, rock n roll music, tattoos, classic cars, custom bikes, hot rods and the rockabilly lifestyle.


Our aim is to have fun and help each other without all the politics of traditional riding groups. (Click on the link above for our official club charter – it’s wordy but basic). No over the top rules or regulations other than the old school basics (respect, loyalty, friendship and fun) and sticking together and looking out for each other, which means, we ride as a group and no-one ever gets left behind. We also aim to maintain a strong community spirit and focus on supporting those in need through attending various charity rides and events in the SEQ region and we are are supporters of the Biker Charity Support Group in Facebook.


Our club is open to all male and female riders of all ages, no matter what bike/trike they own. We also hold fortnightly rides & socialise at the various events, rides & rallies around S.E Qld & Northern NSW.


We're not in this to make a profit, it's all about friendship and mates, so come along, make some new friends, become a member (it only costs $10) and receive your club patch. 

New ideas and suggestions for rides and events are always welcome


If you are interested and have read the club charter, feel free to join us on one of our rides or events. Details are on our facebook page, the ride calendar above or just call Aagro for more info. Keep on Rockin!