Rockabilly Riders

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Club Charter

1.0        Name

1.1        The body shall be known as (Rockabilly Riders), hereinafter called the ‘club.’


2.0        Purpose

2.1       The purpose of the club is as a social motorcycle club without politics, for all its members and their families, who enjoy similar old school beliefs and riding styles with a focus on looking after each other and community spirit. The club will promote family, respect, loyalty and mateship among its members. The club will also aim to focus on supporting those in need through charity rides and events while promoting a positive and respectful self -image.

2.2:       If the any additional branches of the club are formed, the new branch(s) will adopt the same charter.


3.0        Membership

3.1        Membership is open to all persons supporting the purpose of the club. The club will not discriminate against race, religion, gender, age or nationality. In addition, the club will welcome all riders, regardless of their choice of motorcycle manufacturer. The founding members reserve the right to refuse membership without assigning any reason therefore.

3.2        Membership in the Club is divided into the following categories:

            A) Founders - 2 Members; B) Regular/Active Members  


3.3       This club is the vision of the two (2) Founding members - Aagro Evans & Donna Aupouri-McMahon. Aagro is the President and as such cannot be voted out. The Founding members are responsible for the following duties;

  •  Supervise and oversee the affairs of the club and represent the club on official matters.
  •  Officiate and keep order at general meetings. Take notes as required.
  •  Maintain the contact records of all the club members and handle  all club correspondence
  •  Research, plan, organise and allocate social rides, activities and events for and with members
  •  Lead and tail end the club on all rides unless other members are nominated or offer to lead
  •  Maintain and update the website and social media site regularly with upcoming rides & events


3.4        All Members are encouraged to promote family values, old school beliefs, respect and loyalty amongst the club and also be willing to assist and help each other when needed.

3.5        Members shall be issued the club logo patch, in exchange for a one-time donation in the amount of Ten Dollars ($10).  Nickname patches are NOT club-issued and are to be purchased by members.

3.6        All members are expected to have the appropriate licence and a roadworthy and registered motorcycle. All members are to ride in a safe manner in staggered formation according to the road rules and conditions. Riders must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

3.7        Membership shall cease if a member resigns in writing to the club email address and returns the club logo patch.


4.0        Financial

4.1        The club will not hold funds for any reason other than collecting monies for nominated special events (club rally, annual christmas party) or for nominated charitable reasons. Any member may nominate causes or events and the club majority must vote in favour before any funds may be collected and dispersed. 


5.0        Voting

5.1       All Regular/Active Members may vote on any item that requires a majority vote.  Voting on amendments to the Charter will be limited only to the Founding members.

5.2        General meetings of the club will be held at a time, date and place on a required basis, details will be posted online.


6.0        Club Logo

6.1        The wearing of the club logo is encouraged anytime a member is riding his/her motorcycle.  Any member may wear the logo to promote the club, on any other event, run, ride or rally at the member’s discretion. Members are encouraged to conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times. Any member considered to have behaved inappropriately or likely to bring the club into disrepute can have their membership withdrawn.